DIY Tutorial
DIY Light Up Halloween Jar

Learn how to make this Halloween Light Up Jar to decorate on Halloween, easy and quick to make for last minute decorations.


Y O U  W I L L  N E E D :

  • Medium Jar
  • Mini LED Candle


T O O L S :

  • A Bowl of a Clean Water
  • Brush
  • Acrylic Pallete
  • Acrylic Paint in Black and White


1. Start by Painting the jar with white acrylic paint, just a light stroke of the brush. So that it does not covered completely with the white paint


2. Then using a black marker, line out the desired painting of a silhouette. It can be a Haunted house, a Skeleton or a Spider Web.


3. Then paint the desired painting with a black acrylic paint, make sure to cover all the transparent area to make it pitch black.